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Airport Information : Lungi International Airport

Lungi International Airport is the main airport in Sierra Leone (FNA)

The airport is located across the sierra leone river


Lungi Airport Information

Airport Name: 
Lungi International Airport

The airport is situated  8 miles to the north of freetown

Facilities include a bank, restaurant and bar, post office, duty-free shopping and a tourist help desk.

Departure Tax:
This is already included in the cost of your flight/package.

What You Should Do At The Airport

On arrival at lungi Airport, a bus will take you from the aircraft to the terminal building. There will be two queues - one for ‘Nationals of Sierra Leone and one for ‘Others’ to go through passport control.

Once you have gone through passport control you will see the luggage conveyer belt directly in front of you.  The baggage may not arrive immediately so please bear this in mind.  Upon leaving the baggage collection area you will need to have your luggage scanned by X-ray. 
You will then see Enjoy Sierra Leone reps near the airport exit who will point you in the direction of the car park where the transfer coach will waiting to take you to pelican water taxi to take you to Freetown. Local hotels and guest houses are available in Lungi town for those too exhausted for the trip across on the day.

What To Expect At The Airport When Returning To The UK

All baggage dimensions and security procedures also apply when returning from the Sierra Leone to the UK.  Please ensure you follow the same guidelines and place any liquid items within your hand held baggage

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